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Client Benefits

Our client list includes a broad range of progressive organisations with a good balance of small and medium sized enterprises with 5-20 employees in the service, distribution, software and retail sectors.


  • Start ups
  • Businesses that wanted to improve their cash flow
  • Businesses that wanted to improve the accuracy and timeliness of financial reporting
  • Businesses that needed senior financial management but could not afford full time FC or FD
  • Financier - VC or Bank - required proper financial management in place
  • Businesses that wanted to avail of full finance function at lower cost
  • Business that required payroll function as expertise not available in-house


  • Professional and confidential service
  • Services tailored to the companies requirements
  • Lower fixed cost - cost effective
  • Available for ad hoc needs
  • Experienced Finance Professionals
  • "One-stop shop"
  • Comfort of Client Management Team being able to focus on growing their business